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Since last century…

1994: First guitar lesson at the M.J.C d'Amboise, tutor, Mr Poulain Jean-Pierre.
1995: First concert for the téléthon charity event at the Aquarelle Forme venue, Amboise (guitar).
1995: First group (covers) " téléphone, etc.… " (guitar).
1995: Second group 'Mandragor'.

Main musical influences: Nirvana, Def leppard, Ir.maiden (guitar & vocals).
Secondary influences : Sépultura, Obituary, Machine Head, Metallica, etc
First studio recording, 4 tracks. Group disbands in 1997.

1997: Third group 'Insouciance'.

Musical Influences: 'téléphone, J-J Goldman' (lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, bass guitar and percussion scoring).
Numerous jam sessions in South West France (jazz, rock, blues)

1998: Entertainment/arts industry worker with Megascene, Concert Sound engineer with amongst others, U Roy, Israël vibration, Ange, Les Têtes Raides ...

1998: Four track studio recording with group 'Insouciance' including a cover of Steve Vai's 'Warm Regards'. (Guitar, bass guitar and percussion scoring).

1998: Guitar and bass guitar teacher, Blois
2000: 13 track studio recording with the group 'Insouciance' (guitar, bass guitar and percussion scoring)

1999-2001: 'Light jockey', at the 'le scoop' night club, Cangey (1999-2001) (we all make mistakes!! ;)
2001: Guitar and bass guitar teacher, St Ouen (93)
2001: Fourth group. Covers of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, etc ...
2003: Fifth group (rock)
2004: Group reforms.
2005: The group 'Black Pearl's, Album is due for release in 2007 (5 tracks available, including 3 that may be downloaded for free from this site).
2006: Making of my first solo album "Happiness", release date: 2008
2007: Interview Radio Radiation (Presentation of Black Pearl & solo project) see photographs .

Music as therapy workshop, the L'Audronnière centre, Faveroles sur Cher
Recording and mixing of the group's live performance of "Les margouilles"
Recording and mixing of "Main Saven" by the group
Making of "Voyage within Vol II" album , release date: 2008

2009: Interview Radio Acive (Presentation Solo project) see photographs & interview.

Interview Mbel Radio (French Radio) listening interview
Show Live on Radio Active (French Radio)
"Show Case" Planet Saturn
Inerview on Radio Rock Drumond (Quebec)
Interiew on Live Rock Radio (Montréal

Record/production album "Happiness"
Record/production album "Voyage interieure vol 2"

Concerts Concerts Concerts Concerts Concerts Concerts ConcertsConcertsConcerts


Concert « M.J.C » Amboise.
21 juin 1995 in Amboise « Square ».


Concert « Point tourné» Amboise.
Concert « MJC » Bléré.
Concert « Théâtre d’Amboise» Rock’o’trash.
21 juin 1996 à Amboise « Le Maille »


21 juin 1997 Amboise « Le Maille ».


14 improvisations in Pub.
21 juin 1998 Monteaux « Plein air ».


Concert & improvisation in scoop (discothèque ).


Concert in a Pub "café of Villdomer with JP Poulin".
Concert in a Pub café of Saunay with JP Poulin.


Improvisation with jean pierre Poulin in "château Renault" for the presentation of its flute
Concert in St Laurnet (Montrichard 41).


18 Décember concert in St Laurent (montrichard 41).


25 June, concert at St Aignan (Café de la poste 41).
9 Juiy at Bléré Café Harley Davidson.
16 Novembre at Montrichard (Place de la mairie).
10 Décembre concert at St Laurent (montrichard 41)


11 November concert at Amboise (L'ecluse musicale 37).
25 November concert at Bléré (La belle epoque 37).
8 December concert at Montrichard (Le Saint Laurent 41).


13 January concert at Moyen en Touraine
14 May, Workshop musical therapy at Faverolles sur Cher (L'audronnière)
19 June concert at Favrolles sur Cher (L'Audronnière 41 ).
15 August concert at Genouilly (L'etang des Scèpes 18).
1 September concert privé at Montrichard (41)
1 December concert at Varennes (L'Escapade 36)


moizan gerald


moizan gerald

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